QGIS GRASS Plugin Upgrade Progress

bonus, a new feature which was not originally foreseen.

Package 1: Plugin library upgrade and multi version build, QGIS 2.10, July 26 2015

Status Feature
GRASS interface library upgrade (QgsGrass and QgsGrassObject classes)
Dual build (compilation with GRASS 6, GRASS 7 or both)
Test unit. Implemented tests: fatalError, locations, mapsets, maps, vectorLayers, region, info, rasterImport, vectorImport.
GRASS Tools dialog changed to dockable widget.

Package 2: Browser, QGIS 2.10, July 26 2015

Status Feature
Location/mapset/maps/layers structure data browsing.
Metadata widget.
Raster and vector import to GRASS mapset via drag and drop.
  • Non blocking import in a separate thread/process.
  • CRS transformation if data source and target mapset CRS differ.
  • New layer name dialog if a map of the same name exists.
  • Cancel import action
Import options dialog action.
Optional creation of a link to an external GDAL raster data source if CRS is the same as target mapset instead of data copy (r.external).
Rename map action.
Delete map action.
GRASS plugin browser and add layer tools removed, substituted by standard QGIS browser.

Package 3: Mapsets, modules, shell, QGIS 2.12, October 23 2015

Status Feature
Mapset management
  • The create new mapset wizard was upgraded
  • Added new possibility to open a mapset from context menu in the browser
Region - edit/display
  • The region editing window was integrated into GRASS Tools dock widget
Modules tree/list
  • The tree and the list were integrated into single tab
  • The filter was implemented also in the tree
  • Optional path to custom modules configuration (in Options)
  • New debugging bar (can be switched on in Options) allows to verify if all options match those of GRASS modules
  • New input widget
    • All GRASS maps in combo box with expandable three structure
    • Completer
    • Multiple input supported
  • All modules were upgraded to GRASS 7 by Pedro VenĂ¢ncio, Stefan Blumentrath and Andrew McAninch
  • The qtermwidget library was upgraded to the latest version

Package 4: New vector editing, QGIS 2.12, October 23 2015

Status Feature
Geometry editing via standard QGIS interface.
Topological symbology properties.
Display built topology (polygons) and attribute based symbology on background.
Attribute table structure editing (add/delete columns).
Attribute editing via standard QGIS tools (including forms).